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The independent cultural foundation Studio 4, presents the project space Temporary Duplex; an unusual space, which –as its name implies– consists of two parts and is temporary.

The room Temporary Duplex: The Lockers, is housed in a space that functioned as the premise of the “Skordadiko” until a few years back; a garlicgrocer behind Koumoundourou square. Up to date, the main use of the space, is the temporary storage of luggage.

Across the street, there is the room Temporary Duplex: The Laundry, housed in the space the Breeder gallery started. Up to date, the space functions as the warehouse and office of a tourist business, where –amongst other tasks– the daily laundry of the linen takes place.

The remains of the previous uses and the traces of the main use are evident in the two rooms; a wooden door, a mural fragment, a mirror window, signs in English only.

The exhibition programme of the Temporary Duplex project space starts with the sound group show The Sound of Paint; it is curated by Andreas Fakis and it takes place within the framework of Public Art Festival: Survival.

The exhibition The Sound of Paint forms the third action of the 2nd edition of Public Art Festival and presents archival material by five graffiti crews –teams of graffiti creators– from Athens, in the form of audio clips, accompanied by photographic excerpts.

The Sound of Paint showcases archival material by the crews Udk (1996), Skids (1998), Fix (1999), Tbd (1999) and Mobs (2012), which in total, cover a time span of active action of more than twenty years that begins in the middle of the decade of 1990 and reaches up to present.

Through the audio extracts –which have been recorded in publicly accessible spaces– the exhibition The Sound of Paint attempts to focus the attention of the viewer to the sound element, providing a glimpse in regards to skills, abilities, emotions and actions, such as methodicalness, patience, boldness, rage, fear, risk and power.

Skills, abilities, emotions and actions, which are attempting to contribute to the literal and to the spiritual survival of the creators.

Temporary Duplex • Inauguration: Friday 19 May, 20.00 – 23.00 (Admission Free) • Duration: 20 May – 2 June • Wednesday – Sunday • 12.00 – 18.00 (Admission Free) • Epikourou 16 (Temporary Duplex: The Lockers), Evmorfopoulou 6 (Temporary Duplex: The Laundry), Athens 105 53