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 The conference Survival: Art in “Public” Space is the first action of the 2nd edition of Public Art Festival, takes place at the City of Athens Cultural Centre with the support of the Organization of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Athens, is curated by Andreas Fakis and aspires to pose, but also to answer, multiple queries which –amongst other– relate to the definition and identification of one of the most intuitive notions the man has seen, as well, as to what we perceive as art. The conference is coordinated by Alexandros Psychoulis, Visual Artist, Art and Technology Professor, UTH. Participants:

Αndreas Fakis
Graphic Designer, Curator, Studio 4, Founder of Public Art Festival

Voina (Russia)
Actionist artist collective

Denys Zacharopoulos
Art Historian, Artistic Director of the Athens Municipal Gallery, Museums and Collections

Martin Schulze (S. Korea)
Curator, Public Delivery

Steve Kurtz (USA)
Artist, Co-founder of Critical Art Ensemble

Sotirios Bahtsetzis
Art Historian, Curator, Artecitya Thessaloniki

Yasha Young (Germany)
Executive Curator, Director, Urban Nation: Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

Vasilis Charalambidis
Graphic Designer, Artistic Director, BIOS, Romantso

Maria Chatzidakis
Conservator of Antiquities & Works of Art, Professor, T.E.I. of Athens, Co-founder of

Julia Tulke (Germany)
Street Art Researcher, PhD Candidate, University of Rochester

Costas Varotsos
Sculptor, Professor of Visual Arts, AUTH

Τhe speeches will be both in Greek and in English without translation. Αt their completion, the audience will be able to pose questions to the speakers.

City of Athens Cutltural Centre (A. Tritsis Hall) • Saturday 6 May, 17.00 – 19.00 • Akadimias 50, Athens 106 67 • • Admission Free