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The exhibition programme of the Temporary Duplex project space continues with the third solo show of the Italian artist Beast, entitled Make Greece Greece Again, which is curated by Andreas Fakis and presented by Studio 4 within the framework of Public Art Festival: Survival.

The exhibition Make Greece Greece Again forms the sixth action of the 2nd edition of Public Art Festival and presents images that have been created with the technique of photo manipulation.

Beast depicts today’s figures, which are linked with the “European problem”, that starts and ends in Greece, yet without limiting himself to the political arena. Merkel, Schulz, Schauble, Tsipras, Varoufakis, Tsakalotos and other public figures, consist the on-stage protagonists who build up the new series of artworks of the Italian artist.

The thematic exhibition Make Greece Greece Again, poses queries in regards to the potential future of our country, amidst the multiple causes of the –up to date– unjustifiably wrong route of the country, which was planned consecutively by those in charge, without determining if there was a “zero” point.


Artist Statement

“Make Greece Greece Again” is a new body of work with the intent to express a positive outlook in regards to the future of Greece; the inner desire of starting from scratch, on a new path, keeping in mind the destructive “storm”, despite which, the people of Greece survived in their own way.

The artworks approach the notion of Survival as the will to “keep on living” and as the “strength of resistance” to the deep social and economic problem. The title “Make Greece Greece Again”, evidently echoes the political slogan recently used in the US, where the word “great” was used to signify a glorious past. In this case that would be redundant, as the glorious element is embedded in “Greece”.

 The political protagonists of my images summarise their desires, their need to mediate –always hovering– between the voters and the political responsibility and most of all, our desire to project onto a third party our hope for recovery.

Temporary Duplex • Inauguration: Friday 16 June, 20.00 – 23.00 (Admission Free) • Duration: 17 June – 2 July • Wednesday – Sunday • 12.00 – 18.00 (Admission Free) • Epikourou 16 (Temporary Duplex: The Lockers), Evmorfopoulou 6 (Temporary Duplex: The Laundry), Athens 105 53