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The independent cultural foundation Studio 4, presents Marina Genadieva’s (1989, Athens) performance series entitled Hidress, curated by Andreas Fakis. Hidress takes place within the framework of Public Art Festival: Survival and forms its second action.

Artist Statement

I’m using a full-body, closed hood, which I have named “laminated taffeta”. It resembles a dress and is made out of the material that is used in car cover fabrication in the West. It is a visual metaphor, to the way females are covered respectively in the East.

Notions, such as protection and ownership of an object of symbolic significance, relate to the idea of the female, which exists as one more object. One more object, which requires protection and symbolises ownership.

By the occasion of the imposed compliance and the sovereign aesthetic and ideological standards, the alterations and last but not least, the deformations of personality, I intend to bring a dialogue to public space, in regards to the real position of the human being within the western society. The suffocation, the sense of confinement, the panic and the anxiety for survival, are universal feelings, which may regard every person.

The Hidress performance series takes place at the square of the Ηellenic Parliament and at Parko Eleftherias and attempts to initiate a dialogue, in regards to issues that relate to powers, rights and tendencies, such as free will, free speech and consumerism.

Powers, rights and tendencies, which are often perceived as granted and are disregarded by the vast majority.

Square of the Hellenic Parliament • Saturday 13 May, 18.30 – 19.00 • (Admission Free)
Parko Eleftherias • Sunday 14 May, 18.30 – 19.00 • (Admission Free)